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Post Music to mixcloud and afrobeat dj pool with one click

Post music to multiple platforms

Get to know how many times each of your songs get downloaded.

Multiple platforms

Post music to mixcloud and afrobeat dj pool with one click. Post music to multiple platforms

High Quality

No file is less than 320 Kbps guaranteeing the clearest sound and usability for every application.

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GEO Analytics
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Weekly notifications for both DJS and Artists

Unique DJ music

Get email notifications every time a new song is uploaded.Afrobeat DJ Pool provides outstanding Afrobeat music.

Global Reach in Minutes

Post a song and share it with DJs around the world in minutes

Unlimited Downloads

DJ account come with access to new Afrobeat music, allowing for entire programs to built from one source

Easy Favourite Dashboard

Simple cloud-based upload and download interface requiring no technical expertise

Get your music straight from the artists and labels

New music is delivered every day.

Artists and labels can upload any time, day or night. That means that there’s always new music. Be the first to play a new track from some of the hottest artists on the Afrobeat scene.

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One focus makes us the ultimate specialists

We’re all Afrobeat to guarantee that you get the best
downloadable DJ music mix.

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Don’t waste time with a complex interface

We’ve created a music dashboard that is simple and fun.

  • Find the right tracks fast
  • Complete DJ mix of music
  • Find DJs, labels, and artists easily
  • See our charts and trends for the hottest trends

Afrobeat from all over the world

Afrobeat from all over the world

  • Original tracks
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  • DJ tools
  • Follow artists and labels
  • Music artists and DJs Connect here

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Instantly find new music - New tracks and new artists appear in seconds of uploads HQ files - All tracks are at least 320 Kbps and easy to use search engine.